About us

ANO "Little Petit" was created by the parents of a girl named Stesha Nguyen, who was born deeply premature at the 24th week of gestation and weighed only 830 grams – this weight is called extremely low body weight. At birth, she was very short of oxygen (this is called hypoxia), and there was a massive third-degree hemorrhage in her brain. A few days after the birth, Stesha underwent heart surgery, after which resuscitators fought for her life for several days.

The girl survived and after 27 days she was transferred from the intensive care unit to the preterm care unit. The parents are convinced that during these 27 days, while Stesha lay in the pressure chamber on intubation, balancing between life and death, she was helped by fairy tales, read in the voice of her mother and sounding from a small speaker inside the kuvez. Today, twelve years later, we decided to share with other parents of deeply premature children the fairy tales about Little Petit, which were written by Stesha's mother, Julia Nguyen.

If a very unexpected and difficult event has occurred in your life, which doctors for some reason call a late spontaneous miscarriage, we give you the courage to believe that this is the birth of a miracle. We urge you to believe that your voice, reading a good fairy tale, will give this tiny creature the strength to stay in the white world longer than all experts predict.

We believe that medicine has not just learned to care for these tiny creatures in the last twenty years, but that medicine alone is not enough to give your child, who was born so unexpectedly and so early, a chance to stay in this world, to see you and feel your love.

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